How to Install an Amp in a 2000 Ford Ranger


Remove the screws from the glove box and from the side of the passenger side dashboard where the door meets the dash. Pull the dash away from the frame to expose the rear of the stereo.


Plug the audio wires into the rear of the stereo in their corresponding connections. Cut a piece of speaker wire long enough to reach from the rear of the stereo to the amp. Strip the ends of the speaker wire 1/4 of an inch from the ends using the wire strippers.


Loosen the connection on the rear of the stereo using the screwdriver that says "lead." Insert one end of the speaker wire into the connection and tighten the connection. Guide the wire to the amp and conceal the wire under the plastic paneling.


Replace the dashboard to its original position and tighten the securing screws. Connect the speaker wire to the connection on the amp that says "lead." Connect the power cord to the amp's power connection.


Remove the floor cover to expose the fire wall on the passenger side. Remove the plug from the fire wall and push the power cord through the hole. Open the hood and guide the power cord to the battery. Loosen the connection on the positive battery output using the screwdriver. Place the power cord onto the output and tighten the connector.

You will need to connect the amp wires to the rear of the stereo receiver on the 2000 Ford Ranger and the battery will be the power source. The stereo on the 2000 Ford Ranger has all of the proper connections pre-installed so you won't need to modify anything to complete the installation process. One of the most common places to mount the amp in this truck is under the seat or on the frame behind one of the rear seats. Basic tools are needed to install the amp and it will take you about half an hour.