How to Make the Whine of a Supercharger Louder


Loosen the supercharger drive belt tension pulley located on the engine block.


Remove the supercharger drive belt by unwrapping the belt from the supercharger pulley, tension pulley and crank pulley.


Remove the supercharger pulley by carefully loosening the center bolt of the pulley. Slide the pulley off of the supercharger.


Install the new supercharger pulley onto the supercharger. Tighten the center bolt on the pulley. Avoid putting excess weight on the pulley, which may warp its spinning capability.


Wrap the new supercharger drive belt around the installed supercharger pulley, tension pulley and crank pulley of the motor.


Adjust the tension of the supercharger drive belt by tightening the tension pulley on the engine block. A properly tightened supercharger drive belt has no more than 1/4 inch of "play."

Tips and Warnings

  • Consult local car clubs for ideal supercharger setups for your vehicle. Members of such groups may provide insight into the appropriate supercharger setups and specifications for your needs.
  • Always tighten supercharger drive belts to exact specifications. A loose belt may slip from a supercharger pulley, causing catastrophic engine failure.
  • Smaller supercharger pulleys create larger horsepower gains in your motor. Higher horsepower may create additional stress on engine components designed for factory specifications.
  • The volume level of a performance engine is an inseparable part of the hot rod culture. In the case of supercharger performance, louder is better. Replacing your supercharger's pulley and drive belt may be the upgrade you need to not only feel the added performance to your vehicle, but to also experience an audible difference that everyone around you can hear.