How to Polish Plastic Chrome on a Motorcycle


Clean the plastic chrome with a mild cleaner such as Simple Green that has been diluted one part cleaner to 10 parts water. You can also use dish washing detergent. Spray the cleaner or dish washing detergent generously onto the plastic or dip a rag into the cleaner and scrub the parts that will be polished.


Use a soft bristle brush to clean any nooks and crevices. Dry the plastic with a clean, dry lint-free towel.


Apply a good quality, non-abrasive car wax to the chrome plastic with a clean, dry towel. A lint-free micro-fiber towel can also be used which will not leave behind any lint. Apply the wax onto the surface of the plastic chrome and then buff it out in circular motions until the chrome is polished. A high quality wax such as Mother's is safe on chromed plastic. (See Resources)

Plastic chrome is found on motorcycles as well as cars. Though it looks like chrome and displays the same deep, reflective appearance, plastic chrome is not, in fact, chrome plating and is far less durable. As such, plastic chrome cannot be polished with normal chrome polish, which is too abrasive and will scratch and mar the surface of plastic chrome. Instead, plastic chrome needs to be washed and then waxed with car wax.