How to Program the Keyless Entry for a 2001 Dodge


Press the Lock button on your remote five times in 10 seconds and insert your ignition key and turn it to the "Run" position.


Wait for the car's chimes to stop and press and hold the "Unlock" button on your remote for arund five seconds.


Press and hold the "Panic" button on the remote while holding the "Unlock" button and hold both buttons for one second before releasing both at the same time.


Wait for the chime to sound again and press and release the lock and unlock buttons on the remote.


Press and release the unlock button on your remote and wait for the chimes to sound again to complete the programming sequence. Remove the key from the ignition when you are done to end the procedure.

Keyless entry remotes have become nearly standard on cars around the world since the mid-1990s, and nearly all 2001 Dodge vehicles featured the technology. Whether the transmitter was installed by the dealership or added aftermarket, you can program your own keyless entry remotes in just minutes from your vehicle. Using your ignition key, you can sync up to four remotes to the system for your whole family to use.