How to Remove the Radio in a Pontiac Vibe


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the Vibe's battery by loosening the bolt on the cable clamp and pulling the clamp off the post. Secure the cable so that the clamp can't come into contact with any components of the car. The cable connects the battery to the frame of the vehicle for the purpose of grounding the Pontiac's electrical system.


Grab the rectangular trim panel surrounding the Vibe's stereo assembly and pull it from the dashboard by hand. Set the panel aside.


Remove the two bolts from the Pontiac's stereo bracket with the Phillips-head screwdriver.


Slide the factory radio from the dashboard stereo dock and disconnect the stereo wiring connectors plugged into the back of the unit. Unplug the antenna cable lead from the jack on the lower left corner of the back of the radio.

The wiring connections to the factory radio in the Pontiac Vibe are located on the back panel of the unit. Vibe owners who wish to add aftermarket stereo components to their Vibe's sound system will need to access the rear panel connections to install the new devices. You can have your radio removed from the stereo dock by a professional car audio technician or you can remove the radio yourself.