How to Set the Time on a Pioneer Car Stereo


Press and hold the "Source" button (the circular dial located on the left side of the stereo's face) until you clear the Pioneer stereo's display. Press the "Function" button on the upper left corner of the Pioneer's face, and hold it until the display illuminates before releasing it.


Press the "Function" button to select the clock setting on the stereo's display.


Press the up arrow to increase the value of the hour on the clock. Press the down arrow to regress back to a lower number for the hours. Press the right arrow to move to the minutes. The up and down arrow buttons are located to the left of the "Source" button, while the left and right arrow buttons are located just below "Source."


Press the up and/or down arrows to adjust the minutes to the correct time of day. Press the "Source" button once the correct time appears on the screen.

One of your first tasks after installing your Pioneer car stereo is setting the clock to the correct time. While you can elect to enlist the services of an aftermarket car audio technician for guidance in setting your clock, the process is a straightforward one involving only a few steps. Before setting the time, turn on your car's ignition; while you need not run the engine, connect the power supply to your stereo.