How to Stop an Auto Warranty


Locate your warranty information and paperwork. Check through all vehicle paperwork saved when you first purchased the vehicle, if you bought from a dealer. If you bought the warranty from an outside provider, find your warranty contract and the provider's phone number.


Call the warranty provider or dealership. Inquire you to cancel your warranty and provide the information on your contract, such as account number and vehicle information. If you call the warranty company directly but originally purchased at a dealership, find out if going into the dealer will save time--dealers often have cancellation paperwork on file for easy transactions.


Ask how much money you will get back for your cancellation. The refund amount varies for different situations. The refund amount depends on whether you have used the warranty, the length of time the policy was in effect, and whether you financed the cost or paid cash. A refund is not guaranteed.


Visit the dealership to fill out your cancellation paperwork, if applicable. Otherwise, find out if you can have the paperwork emailed or faxed to you by the warranty company. If not, wait for the paperwork by mail. Review any papers before signing.


Send back the warranty paperwork immediately to ensure a quick cancellation. Follow up with the warranty company in five business days to confirm the cancellation. Wait for your refund, if applicable.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you just purchased your vehicle and paid for an extended warranty, you can still cancel it. The dealership obviously may not be pleased with this decision since it loses a sale, but stand your ground and follow through until the warranty is cancelled.
  • An extended auto warranty protects a vehicle owner from expensive repairs beyond the original manufacturer’s coverage. You can purchase an extended powertrain or full bumper-to-bumper warranty at the time you purchase from a dealer or afterwards through an outside company. You also can cancel the warranty as easily as you purchased it. You also mayo receive money back depending on claims or the length of time the warranty was in effect. You cannot cancel a manufacturer's warranty--it remains with the vehicle.