How to Use Dish Soap to Wash Cars


Pour 1/4 cup liquid dish soap into a bucket, then use a hose to fill the bucket the rest of the way with water. This will create foamy soap suds that will work perfectly for washing the car.


Hose off the car with clear water to remove loose residue and buildup.


Dip a cleaning sponge into the soapy water and begin washing the car. Start at the roof, then work your way down to the windows and eventually to the bottom panel of the car.


Rinse each area as you clean it. For instance, wash the entire roof then rinse, wash the windshield then rinse, and so on. This will prevent the dish soap from drying onto the surface before it is rinsed off.


Give the car one final rinse after you have cleaned it entirely. The dish soap will safely remove all buildup just as well as a product specifically for cleaning cars, plus it will dry clear and free of streaks.

Car maintenance is tedious and time consuming, as your car needs to be washed regularly to remove dirt, residue and other elements that build up through road travel. Commercial car wash detergents are expensive, and often contain cleaning chemicals that are unsafe to your home and environment. Instead of using harsh chemically-based cleaners, wash your car with a simple dish soap solution, which is mild yet strong enough to remove tough grease, dirt and buildup.