How to clean your vehicle plastic Headlights and tail lamps


~STEP 1~
*This must be done when headlamps are cool. recommend you do this in a cool, shaded area. Clean Headlamp lens with windex, using terry cloth or sponge to remove dirt, bugs guts and any road tar.


~STEP 2~
*Apply Mirror glaze cleaner first, using terry cloth in a circular motion. allow to dry.(1 min)Buff clean, re-apply as needed to get clean.


~STEP 3~
Apply mirror glaze polish after first initial cleaning. Buff using terry cloth. Re-apply again if needed. If the dull is on the outside of the headlamp, you should see big difference in clarity.(If it is on the inside of the lamp, it may need replacing)This also can be used on dullness or scratches in plastic tail lamps also.

Tips and Warnings

  • You can also try toothpaste first.if you see a difference,you might need something a little better(like meguiars mirror glaze cleaner and polish)your local auto parts store should stock it.It's well worth the money,compaired to what it costs for new lamps(some are 400.00- to 800.00 each)Plus labor to install.
  • When using chemicals,always use rubber gloves
  • Plastic headlamps and tail lamps dull? Bug guts? Road tar? This how-to will help you clean the outside of the lamps.With a little elbow grease,and a little luck,they will clean up real nice!