Types of Police Vehicles

Police Cars and Sport Utility Vehicles

Unmarked cars, traditional police cars, station wagons and SUVs are used by police depending on their duties and the areas they need to patrol. Station wagons and SUVs are often used as canine units.

Paddy Wagons or Police Buses

These police vehicles, designed to transport prisoners, often have protective mesh, and are designed to protect police and secure prisoners.

Segways, Bicycles and Motorcycles

Segways, bicycles and motorcycles can navigate tight areas easily and efficiently.

Air Vehicles

Police helicopters are commonly used for search and rescue missions, surveillance and high-speed chases. Although police airplanes exist, they are not as widely used as helicopters.

Police Watercraft

Police boats have high-powered engines and might be used to assist Coast Guard rescues, apprehend criminals or escort ships.

Specialized Police Vehicles

There are also vehicles specifically designed for drug abuse resistance (DARE vehicles), police vehicles for rescue (police ambulances), vans for heavy artillery or special weapons (SWAT vans), and police military vehicles. Although most people perceive police vehicles as automobiles with flashing lights, they encompass more than the well-known police car. Police vehicles travel on land, water and in the air.