What Are the Benefits of White Vinegar?


White vinegar is very acidic, so it cleans and disinfects homes of bacteria and mold. It can be used in its pure form, diluted, or combined with baking soda to use on the surfaces of the home.

Health & Hygiene

White vinegar can soothe sunburn, eliminate food odor, sterilize cuts on the body, and eliminate the itch associated with insect bites.


White vinegar makes food tangy and delicious. It can be used on everything from salads to meats (for marinating). It makes meat more tender.


Full strength white vinegar can remove bumper stickers from car bumpers and windows. It also removes tough stains on car mats.


Vinegar is an effective deodorizer. For instance, you can put vinegar in a rug shampooer to deodorize the carpet in your house. The vinegar smell will only last for a couple of hours. White vinegar is made of fermented corn alcohol. It is useful for more than just cooking or pickling cucumbers. Keep a large bottle of vinegar on hand at all times---it is helpful in a variety of different settings.