How to Change an Oil Filter on a 2007 VW GTI



Raise the GTI using the car jack. Place the car jack behind one of the front wheels on the chassis itself. Use a tire iron if the jack is manual, or the lever if you have a hydraulic jack to raise the vehicle. Slide a jack stand beneath the GTI about a foot away from the outer edge on a part of the chassis. Lower the car jack so that the GTI rests on the jack stand beneath it. Repeat this process for the other side of the car.


Lower yourself beneath the engine. Look for the oil filter, which is a large, white, cylindrical object attached to the engine mount.


Slip the metal loop of the oil-filter tool around the girth of the oil filter, midway up the body. Crank it once to tighten the loop around the oil filter. Twist counterclockwise to loosen the filter off the engine mount and finish loosening it with your hand.


Note whether there are any differences between the old oil filter and the new one in terms of girth, height, and model. Spread a film of new motor oil on the seal of the new filter, which helps the filter make better contact with the engine mount. Use your hand to tighten the filter on, and finish with one last twist using the oil-filter tool.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wipe the lip of the filter and engine mount with the paper towel. If any liquid appears, there's a leak. Take the GTI to a mechanic to fix the leak.
  • Volkswagen introduced the GTI hatchback in 1985. The 2007 GTI has many improvements to the original and Automobile Magazine named the 2007 model its Car of the Year. The 2007 model comes as either a four-door sedan or two-door hatchback, but both types require, like most cars, that you change the oil filter when changing the motor oil. The oil filter removes contaminates from the motor oil as it passes through the oil system. The oil filter should be changed every few thousand miles. Fortunately, doing so is a straightforward process. So long as you can raise your GTI and have an oil-filter tool--no more then 15 dollars at most hardware stores--you'll be able to replace your filter in half an hour.