How to Install a Car Stereo in a Nissan Frontier


Lift the hood of the Nissan truck and disconnect the grounding cable from the negative battery lead. Remove the negative battery terminal cover and loosen the bolt on the cable's clamp with a wrench. Move the cable away from the lead post and replace the covering to prevent reconnection during the installation.


Gather the stereo wiring from the stereo mounting dock, previously connected to the factory stereo. Connect the wiring to a wiring harness adapter.


Slide the new stereo into the upper slot on the stereo mounting bracket. Install the two screws on either side of the bracket to secure the stereo in the slot with a Phillips head screwdriver. (The stereo will come with screws if the screws removed from the factory stereo do not fit.)


Connect the wiring harness adapter leads to the back of the aftermarket stereo. Plug the antenna cable into the FM stereo antenna outlet on the back of the new radio.


Slide the entire stereo mounting bracket into the vacant stereo mounting dock of the Nissan Frontier.


Place the plastic dash trim panel around the stereo and ashtray and press firmly around the perimeter to snap it into place.


Reinstall the two screws removed from the previous stereo to the bottom edge of the ashtray compartment with the Phillips head screwdriver. Replace the ashtray into its slot.


Place the grounding cable clamp onto the negative battery terminal lead post. Tighten the clamp to the post with the wrench and place the black rubber cover over the terminal.

The Nissan Frontier (internally known as the D22 and D40 series of trucks at Nissan) has been in production since 1997. Since the first model, the line has undergone incremental adaptations, moving from strictly a utility vehicle to a brand that meets the needs of consumers for everyday commuting. Those modifications have produced a bevy of stereo options from which to choose. Nissan Frontier owners can have a new stereo installed by a dealership technician, a car audio technician at an aftermarket retail outlet, or they can do it themselves for a fraction of the cost.