How to Install an Auto Air Conditioning Filter in an Acura Rl



Open the glove box. Remove the screw connecting the glove-box stop bar to the right side of the open glove box with the Phillips screwdriver.


Allow the glove box to pivot down closer to the floor of the vehicle.


Locate the wire harness on the left side of the white plastic filter frame. Move the wire harness to the left.


Push in the tabs on the right and left sides of the filter frame to unlock it from the dash. Pull the filter frame out.


Remove the old filter from the filter frame by pinching the filter in the middle and pulling it away from the frame.


Insert the new filter into the filter frame. Make sure each side of the filter is positioned under the filter frame tabs on the right and left sides of the frame.


Slide the filter frame into the filter compartment in the dash.


Reposition the wire harness by moving it to the right.


Pivot the glove box up to its original position. Attach the stop bar to the right side of the glove box. Replace the screw on the stop bar.

The air-conditioning system filter in the Acura RL helps keep the passenger compartment free of allergens, dust, and debris. Over time, the filter will become clogged or dirty and will need to be replaced. A dirty air-conditioning system filter puts more strain on the air-conditioner motors because they have to work harder to move air through the system. A clean cabin air filter improves air flow. In typical driving conditions, the air-conditioning system filter on the Acura RL should be replaced about once a year or every 12,000 miles. It is necessary to change it more often in dusty driving conditions.