How to Match Rev Downshift a Motorcycle


Place your middle and index fingers on the front brake and your ring and pinky fingers on the throttle. This will be a difficult and uncomfortable position until you get the hand of it, but is necessary for this technique. This is a good technique to use in the lower gears where there is a wider gap in the gear ratios.


Pull in the clutch and select the next gear, when you begin braking. First try this at slow speeds. It is wise to practice the move while not in motion also to get the movement down before attempting to do with the other movements of riding and balancing on the motorcycle.


Brake smoothly, when the engine revs, let the clutch back out in order to engage the next gear. The goal is to match the revolutions of the engine so they will travel the same speed in the lower gear. This will smooth the transition and keeps the clutch from slipping unnecessarily.


Trouble shoot any reactions you may have as you learn this techniques. If the bike jerks forward, you let the clutch out too fast. If the bike slowly down quickly, you need to let the engine rev a bit more before letting out the clutch. Repeat this technique each time you shift gears.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle correctly and with the most skill and care possible not only allows for a more enjoyable ride, but also a safer one. Matching the rev downshift is one of the techniques you need to master this skill and utmost level of safety.