How to Open the Under-Seat Storage in an Impala


Move to the Impala's back seat area. Inspect the rear seat cushion. Look between the passenger-side seat-beat buckle and the driver-side rear seat cushion. You'll see two nylon straps. These straps are used to open the Impala's under-seat storage.


Grasp the straps firmly. Pull them toward the front of the Impala. The under-seat storage tray slides out. Use the storage tray to hold items or drinks.


Push the under-seat storage tray toward the rear seat back to close it.

According to the Chevrolet Impala owners' manual, the Impala comes with a split-folding rear seat that includes an under-seat storage tray. The tray includes a partition for general small items such as cell phones. It also includes two cup holders for the rear-seat passengers. Opening the under-seat storage is simply a matter of finding the strap that opens the storage compartment.