How to Remove A Hubcap / Hub Cap from Car


First, look at your hub cap and determine if this hub cap is simply pryed off or if you have to remove screws. See the one above? At first glance it appears you need to remove screws. But it turns out the screws are fake. This is a pry off hub cap.


If it is one where you need to remove screws, you'll need to find your special wrench, likely located in your trunk with your spare, so you can first remove the screws. This special wrench is required as it prevents easy theft of expensive hub caps.


The hubcap / hub cap shown is, well, rather cheap and beat up so let's remove it. It is a pry off version (the bolts are fake)


Find a large flat screw driver or anything you can pry with.


Stick it between the rim on the tire and the hub cap


Gently pry the hub cap from the rim, one section at a time. Working either clock wise or counter clockwise around the hub cap until removed. Be sure to be gentle as possible. Don't try to remove the whole thing on your first pry. See the damage to the hub cap? That was caused by an over zealous removal :-)


That's it! Thanks for reading my How to Remove A Hubcap / Hub Cap from Car

Hi! This is pretty easy. This article is for those with hub caps that simply pry off. Read on to learn how to Remove A Hubcap / Hub Cap from Car