How to Remove the Steering Column Cover on a 2000 Chevy Truck


Locate the three screws at the bottom of the steering column that hold the panel in place, and remove them using the Torx-head driver. Tilt the steering column to its lowest point.


Grip the tilt lever on the left side of the steering column with your left hand and pull the lever out of the column by pulling it toward the door panel. Pull the ignition key trim ring off the steering column as well.


Lift off the top cover of the steering wheel cover using your hands, and unhook it from the bottom panel carefully. Unclip the bottom panel from the column using your hands.

The steering column cover on a 2000 Chevrolet truck conceals a myriad of components. Under its plastic cover is the ignition linkage, wiring, airbag harnesses and the tilt mechanism, all of which require removing the cover to access them. The cover can be a bit frustrating to remove because of the way it's connected at the rear, but it can be accomplished using the right tools.