How to Replace Sebring Spark Plugs


Open the hood and loosen the screw on the air intake using the screwdriver and pull the air intake off the engine. Locate the spark plugs on each side of the engine.


Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. Disconnect the wires from the spark plugs by pulling the wires off of the end of each spark plug.


Remove all of the spark plugs using the ratchet and spark-plug socket. Discard the old spark plugs.


Gap each new spark plug using the gapping tool to 0.32 inches or 0.8 mm. Insert the new spark plugs and tighten them using the ratchet and socket.


Replace the wires to the spark plugs. Replace the air intake to the engine and tighten the securing screw with the screwdriver.

The Chrysler Sebring has a V6 engine with six spark plugs. The spark plugs on the Chrysler Sebring are located on the right and left side of the engine towards the middle. There will be one rubber-covered wire over the tip of each spark plug leading up to the distributor cap on the top of the engine. Replacing all six spark plugs in the Chrysler Sebring will take you about 15 minutes.