How to Restore & Care for Leather Seats


Protect your leather seats from prolonged exposure to sunlight. Place a sun shade in the windshield of your car when it is not in use to protect your seats from harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your leather seat upholstery.


Clean spills from your leather seats immediately to prevent them from staining. Wipe the spill from the leather seat using a soft cloth that has been dampened in warm water and dry the seat with a second soft cloth.


Clean your leather seats with a specially formulated leather shampoo or leather cleaner at least once every six months. Apply the leather shampoo or cleaner to your leather seats using a soft cloth. Consult the product label for specific application instructions.


Treat your leather seats with a specially formulated leather conditioning product immediately after using leather shampoo or cleaner. Apply the leather conditioner to your leather seats using a soft cloth to help keep the leather soft and supple. Look for a leather conditioning product that contains natural oils and sunscreen for best results.


Repair scratched, scuffed, torn or otherwise damaged leather seats with a leather repair kit. Use the leather repair kit according to the package directions. Refer serious leather damage to an auto interior restoration professional.

Tips and Warnings

  • Leave car windows cracked open during the hot summer months to prevent the intense heat inside the car from fading your leather seats.
  • Make sure to test all leather care products in an inconspicuous area of the leather seat before use.
  • Only use products that have been specially formulated for leather car interior.
  • Leather seats are a substantial investment that can make a cool car even cooler. If you're the lucky owner of a car with leather seats, learning how to properly care for, clean and restore your leather seats can help you protect your investment. Because exposure to moisture, heat and sunlight can damage leather, protecting your leather seats from the elements is your first line of defense when learning to maintain their appearance.