How to Sign Over a Car Title in Oregon


Handle any lien issues if you have a lien holder listed on your title. You cannot transfer a title with an active lien on it--pay off your car loan and obtain a lien release from the lien holder. Have the lien release ready to give to the buyer with your title.


Check your vehicle for the exact mileage. Record the mileage on the back of the title in the space provided, or use Form 403, labeled as the Secure Odometer Disclosure, which the Oregon DMV website states is only available at a DMV office.


Sign the seller section on the back of the title in the space provided. For older Oregon titles, the Oregon DMV website states that the seller's section is labeled as "Registered owners."


Notify the Oregon DMV of your sale within 10 days. Use the "Online Notice of Vehicle Sale/Transfer Form," which you can quickly submit online. Supply the vehicle identification number, plate number and the name of the buyer to complete the form.

While some states require sellers to obtain a notary or fill out numerous forms to transfer a vehicle title, the state of Oregon offers a rather straightforward and simple process for owners. The buyer needs only to sign the title and state the odometer reading--no further paperwork is necessary. Oregon, unlike other states, requires that you notify the department of motor vehicles, or DMV, of your sale soon after. If you believe you have title issues or special circumstances that may apply to your transfer, contact a DMV office.