How to Take an Auto Door Apart to Tint a Window

Remove door panel


Start by removing all interior cranks, armrests and any other accessories attached to the inside of the door. Remove all screws and be sure to look for hidden fasteners, such as clips or other apparatus used to hold the accessories to the door panel. These clips may be used in addition to any screws or other types of fasteners.


Using your pry bar or a large screwdriver, pry the door panel carefully away from the door, looking down inside so you can see where the clips are. These hold the panel on. Don't pull too hard or poke the screwdriver into the plastic behind the door panel.


Run your pry bar or screwdriver along the door panel edge on the inside, releasing each clip individually as you go. If you're feeling too much resistance from the door panel, carefully look for more screws or fasteners that may still be attached to the door. These may be hidden from view by small pieces of plastic trim.


Once you've unfastened all the clips, the door panel should lift out away from the door, exposing the interior window for tinting.

Tips and Warnings

  • It helps to keep a container close by for placing small screws and fasteners as you remove them. This will help keep them from getting lost, and they'll be handy when you need to reattach them.
  • Some states restrict the darkness of window tint on cars and some don't allow it at all. Check the window tinting laws for your state listed at to be sure your tint is within the law of your state.
  • Be sure to reposition any plastic removed from under the door panel back in its original position. This plastic is used to provide insulation from cold and to keep drafts out of your car.
  • Tinting the windows on your car can be accomplished without removing the inside door panels. If you want a professional-looking job, though, it can be much easier to do it with the door panels removed.