Specs on the 1968 Camaro SS Convertible


Convertible Camaro SS models are at a premium on the collectors market. Of the 235,247 Camaros sold in 1968, only 16,927 were convertibles. This represents only 7 percent of the total.


The convertible Camaro SS feature a 5.4 liter Chevy engine that produced 275 horsepower (HP) at 4,400 revolutions per minute (RPM). The engine also produced 355 foot pounds of torque. The engine was water cooled and utilized a two-barrel carburetor.


In 1968, the Camaro featured an improved suspension. New five-leaf rear springs that and repositioned rear shocks improved ride quality, as well as drastically reducing wheel hop. These changes make the car easier to maneuver, as well as more enjoyable to drive. Few cars evoke an emotional attachment as strong as that of the Camaro. Amongst enthusiast, the emotion runs particularly high in the case of an SS convertible. In the 1968 model year, Chevrolet offered a particularly large stable of Camaro SS models. Of these, only a precious few convertibles were sold.