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Bollards Safety

Safety Purposes

Bollards are commonly used outdoors among roadways or public access points to protect pedestrians from motor vehicles. Businesses can use them to protect employees and manufactured goods from machinery.


Bollards can be used to close a road or path and work as a visual aid to direct or discourage pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. Some bollards will allow access to emergency vehicles in the event of an emergency by depressing under the surface or by being manually removed by a person.

Types of Bollards

Baseplate mounted bollards are stationary and fasten to a hard surface. Removable bollards allow the bollard to be removed and reinstalled at the owner's discretion. Retractable bollards can raise up from the surface either manually by hand or automatically through pneumatics, electricity or hydraulics. These bollards can be removed or modified to allow emergency vehicles to pass. However, security bollards, consisting of steel pipe and filled with concrete, fail to allow emergency vehicles beyond them. This requires emergency vehicles to go around them or emergency personnel to continue on foot.
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