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Booster Seat Guidelines


The NHTSA recommends a child not move into a booster seat until the age of four.


The NHTSA recommends a child not move into a booster seat until they have also reached 40 pounds.

Types of Booster Seats

Booster seats come in two styles. A high-back booster is much like a harnessed forward-facing seat without the harness. This type of booster helps position the shoulder portion of a seat belt. A no-back booster is a seat that assists a child in reaching the proper sitting height for the seat belt to lie across the child's chest and lap properly.

Seat Belt Fit

In order for a booster seat to be effective, the shoulder portion of the belt should lay across the chest at the collar bone. The lap portion should fit low across the lap of a child, not across the abdomen.
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