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Booster Seat Requirements in Texas

Current Texas Booster Seat Law

A child must use a booster seat with a vehicle's lap and shoulder belt once he passes his 4th birthday and weighs 40 pounds and continue until his 8th birthday or he is 57 inches tall (usually about 100 pounds). If a child doesn't meet height requirements by age 8, he can ride legally without a booster.

Function of Booster Seats

The Texas Department of Public Safety recommends booster-seat use until maximum age, weight and height requirements are met. If you're not sure if your child needs a booster, do a simple test. Have your child put her back against the seat of the car and buckle her. If her knees bend over the seat edge, the lap belt fits low over her hips and the shoulder belt crosses the center of her chest, she has outgrown a booster seat. Otherwise, she'll be safer using one.

Benefits of Booster Seats

Boosters protect children because they help the lap and shoulder seat belts fit better. Boosters also raise a child up to see out the window. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for seat placement and use. In general, child seats are safest when properly installed in a vehicle's back seat.
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