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Car Accidents Related to Cell Phone Use


According to a study by the University of Utah, the braking reaction of drivers using cell phone---handheld or hands-free---was delayed and the number of accidents in which they were involved increased. In fact, the study found that the level of impairment caused by using a cell phone while driving could be a great as driving while drunk.

National Safety Council

A report published by the National Safety Council in January 2010 revealed that 1.6 million car accidents a year---a million more than previous official estimates---are caused by using a cell phone. The vast majority of these 88 percent were caused by drivers talking on the phone.

Highway Loss Data Institute

The Highway Loss Data Institute has compared monthly collision data from New York, Washington, Connecticut, where handheld cell phones are banned, and surrounding states with no such bans. The research actually showed no change in the collision rate in any of the states studied.
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