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Car Navigation Features

When comparing car navigation devices there are features available that are helpful in guiding you to your destination. Many features help you stay safe while driving on the road and keep you from getting lost in unfamiliar locations. When you select your car navigation device, assure the features are useful for you or the person driving.


A navigation unit should be able to mount securely and neatly to and in your vehicle. In addition, some units have the ability to mount to your vehicle by magnets.

Voice Command

A car navigation device that operates by voice command allows you to keep both hands on the wheel. Some units have more than 150 tasks that you can activate by voice, such as the TomTom Go Live 1000.

Lane Guidance

Some navigation devices may merely provide directions to your destination, but do not offer realistic details. However, you can purchase a car navigation unit that displays an actual representation of highways, intersections and roads, so you are less likely to miss a turn. Navigation devices that offer 3D representation include the TomTom Go 750 Live and TomTom Go 950 Live.

Map Updates

Cities and states are always in the process of improving roads, therefore, routes may unexpectedly change. Some devices offer a guarantee to the most up-to-date map available within the past 30 days. Verify that the navigation device you purchase has the ability to upload maps for the area you desire. Also, Garmin offers free traffic information and access to four map updates per year for Nuvi models, with LMT in the name as of October 2010.


Many car navigation devices merely use road intersections, street addresses and "point of interest" to guide you on a trip. However, Garmin navigational devices feature a "Waypoint Manager," which shows details of your location's environment, such as oceans, towns, cities, motorways and a variety of other reference details to any location of important places you want to remember, such as stadiums and campsites.
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