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Dodge Grand Caravan Brake Problems

Founded in 1914, Dodge's long history serves as testament to the reliability of the brand's automobiles and trucks. Like other automobile brands, Dodge has occasionally encountered issues that have warranted the recall of certain models, however. Over the past 20 years, Dodge has issued several recalls due to brake problems in one of its more popular models, the Dodge Grand Caravan.

2009 Recall

The 2009 recall of just 82 Dodge Caravans in 2009 resulted from alterations to wheelchair accessible Caravans by El Dorado National, a third party company. The alterations resulted in the re-routing of the brake line, which was not secured properly. As a result, the brake line in these Caravans could rub against the vehicle, potentially leading to dangerous brake line leaks.

1997 Recall

In October 1996, the Chrysler Corporation issued a recall for almost 19,000 Dodge Grand Caravans for a master cylinder rear seal problem. The seal---which is located between the vacuum reservoir and the hydraulic fluid---was inefficient, causing hydraulic fluid to flow into the vacuum reservoir. This gradual fluid decrease could cause the brakes to perform poorly. An in-dash sensor that shows loss of brake fluid warned drivers of this problem.

1996 Recall

A 1996 recall of the 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan affected the owners of 321,000 vehicles. A faulty hydraulic control unit in the model could wear more quickly than normal, cause premature wear of the pump-motor within the brake. This condition could result in a dangerous loss of power assistance during braking.
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