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Handicapped Parking Requirements in Idaho

If you are a driver in Idaho with a disability, you may want to be officially designated as disabled so that you can reduce your walk time from parking lots into stores, restaurants and community centers. Parking in a spot for those with disabilities requires following certain rules.

Requirements for Disability License Plates

You need to have a specific condition to get a disability-designated license plate in Idaho.

You may need help walking 200 feet. If you can move this distance but you rely on a mobility device such as a wheelchair, crutches or a walker, you will also qualify. If you have a disorder such as arthritis or MS that significantly impacts your ability to walk comfortably, you may also qualify for disability plates and a placard or sign.

Getting Your Disability Plates

To get your disability plates, you need to get an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor needs to sign off on the license plate application. Send this form in. If it is accepted, you will need to pay a small fee of under $30 to get the plates.

If you are visiting Idaho, disability plates from other states are valid. You do not need to apply for new plates.

Rules About Parking

Once you have disability plates and placards, you can park in handicapped parking stalls. In Idaho, you also have certain privileges.

You can park in a spot with a meter without paying for parking. You can also park anywhere that has a time limit and you can exceed that limit. Many of these time-limited parking spots are closer to places you might want to go and may be right in front of the store.
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