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How to Be a Smart Teen Driver


Follow the rules. Your driving record will be with you for a long time. Some violations will be on your record forever.


Be in charge. In your car, you set the rules of conduct for yourself and your passengers.


Get more help, if needed. Despite the fact that you have followed the regulations and studied to receive your driver license or permit, there may be gray areas of driving that you are still not confident about.


Control your emotions. Keeping yourself and your passengers safe and alive is more important than anything else.


Carry a cell phone for emergencies ONLY. Do not make or take any calls unless the car is stopped. Distractions are the main cause of teen car accidents, ahead of speeding. If you run into car trouble, have an accident or get into a situation that you are not equipped to deal with, a quick call home for a word of advice can be just what you need.


Forbid drugs or alcohol in your car. If you know your friends use drugs or alcohol, do not allow them to ride with you! It is as simple as that, and it is illegal in all 50 states. Don't let them endanger your record.

Tips and Warnings

  • Even if you think you are a good driver, it is difficult to drive a car safely if you are drinking soda, eating burgers, talking to rowdy friends, listening to loud music or chatting on a cell phone. Be wise and think twice about doing any of these things.
  • It shows maturity to admit that you could use more driving lessons.
  • Don't cave to peer pressure. It's cool that you can drive and that your parents trust you enough to let you. Don't blow that trust by allowing friends to entice you into an activity that may get you into trouble or into an accident.

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