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How to Build a Parking Sign Stand

Building a Parking Sign Stand


Decide where your sign should be located. Although this sign stand is portable, it is rather heavy, so if possible you should make the stand in the same place it's going to be.


Place the signpost in the middle of the bucket and hold it upright. The signpost should be less than 6 feet tall - any taller and the sign will be top-heavy. Pour the cement mix into the bucket, around the signpost. Fill the bucket between one-half and two-thirds full with the powdered mixture.


If you have assistance, have the other person hold the signpost upright in the mixture. If you are working alone, use tape or twine to secure the signpost to the sawhorse in a manner that holds the signpost vertical. begin to slowly add water to the cement pre-mix, stirring and turning the mixture with a shovel or some similar small stirring implement. Continue to add water and mix until the cement has a consistency similar to cookie dough.


Using the sawhorse or some similar item, set the signpost up so it can stand up straight while the cement dries. The cement will take approximately 48 hours to set (depending on the mixture), at which point you can continue to the next step.


Using a drill and bolts, drill two holes in the signpost and attach the desired sign to the signpost at the correct height. Place the sign stand in the location it's needed, if you haven't already done so.

Tips and Warnings

  • The best cement to use for this is probably Portland Cement (ordinary cement). Make sure you mix the cement carefully to ensure strength and longevity.

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