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How to Change the Address on a Driver's License in Tennessee


Navigate to the Tennessee Department of Safety website (see Resources) to read the terms and click "Next." You must have a physical Tennessee address (no P.O boxes) to apply for a change. Click "Next" and enter your Tennessee driver's license number, last name, last four digits of your Social Security number and date of birth. Read the terms and check the box beside "I Certify," then click "Next." Enter your new address information to finish.


Update in person by visiting a Tennessee Driver Service Center (see Resources) and requesting an address change form. Like applying online, you must have a physical Tennessee address.


Request a new license if you want your driver's license to reflect the new address. You must pay a fee of between $8 to $16. You can apply online (see Resources) or at a Tennessee Driver Service Center. If you apply online, expect to receive a copy of your new license in five to seven days.

Tips and Warnings

  • Changing your address with the Department of Safety does not update your vehicle registration records.

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