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How to Clean the Interior of Headlights


Lift the hood of your car and locate the bulb connector. It is a tube that is connected to the headlight.


Flip the connector over. You will see a release switch in between the bulb and the connector.


Hold the bulb in one hand and flip the release switch. Now gently detach the bulb from the connector. Just pull the two pieces apart. You may have to wiggle the bulb a little to detach it.


Mix some baking soda and warm water with a couple drops of dish soap and swirl it around


Dip a clean cloth into the mixture and then wrap the cloth around a screwdriver.


Stick the screwdriver through the bulb hole and work it around the inside of your headlights.


Let the inside of your headlights dry before you replace the bulbs. If it is really wet inside your headlights, wrap a dry cloth on your screwdriver, stick it through the bulb hole and clean up any excess water.


Re-attach the bulb to your connector.