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How to Drive Safely in the Rain



Verify that all of your lights are working properly including headlights, tail lights, hazard lights and turn signals.


Keep proper tire tread and make sure the tires are properly inflated. Bald tires need to be replaced.


Keep your wipers in good condition.


Have plenty of window washer fluid available at all times.


Keep the windshield clean.

Driving Instructions


Go slow. The key to safe driving is taking your time and not rushing. This is especially true during poor road conditions. Drive even slower to go through puddles.


Keep your lights on. This allows you to see better and for others to see you.


Steer into the skid if you lose control of the car. Break lightly and drive into the direction you desire. Vehicles with ABS systems need to brake firmly.


Break before going around a curve.


Avoid using your breaks. If possible just take your foot off the accelerator to slow down.


Stay at a farther distance than usual from other vehicles. This will allow you more time to stop if necessary.


Drive in the tracks of the vehicle in front of you.


Stay in the middle lane if possible and pass large trucks and buses quickly yet safely. They will spray your car with more water and decrease visibility.


Watch for water that is moving and that you cannot see through to the ground. You could easily be washed away.


Remove your foot from the gas or brake gently in the event of hydroplaning


Drive particularly slow through intersections.


Keep the windows free of fog. Turn up the heat with the air conditioner on and direct the air toward the defrosters. Open a window if necessary to speed up defogging the windows. For immediate visibility, use your hand or a rag to remove the foggy windows.

Tips and Warnings

  • Test your brakes from time to time. This will help dry them out.
  • If it is too difficult to see and drive, pull your car into a safe location and wait for the rain to slow down.

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