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How to Drive a 70CC Motorcycle


Sit on the motorcycle and grab the handlebars. Lift up the kickstand to get a feel for the bike's balance and weight. Walk the bike around a driveway or parking lot to get comfortable with it. Wear your safety gear while you do this.


Start the motorcycle. Squeeze the clutch handle on the left handlebar and press the start button on the right handlebar with your thumb. If your motorcycle has a kick starter, simply put your left foot on the ground and kick downward with your right foot on the kick starter to start the bike.


Put the bike in neutral, pressing down the gear shifter located on the left side of the bike in front of the foot peg. Press it down all the way until it quits clicking, then lift it up one. Somewhere near your speedometer or instrument panel there is a neutral indicator that will turn green when the motorcycle is in neutral. The gear order is almost always 1, neutral, 2, 3, 4 and 5, starting with the shifter pressed all the way down.


Take off by shifting down into first gear and turning the throttle on the right handlebar. Turn the throttle grip toward you to rev the engine, all the while holding down the clutch handle. Let off the throttle and slowly release the clutch and the motorcycle will begin moving forward. As it moves forward by itself, slowly begin opening the throttle. Once you begin moving faster, release the clutch fully and increase the gas. Practice in a parking lot or empty space until you get comfortable, since all bikes are different.


Shift into higher gear as you increase speed. Press the clutch and shift up through neutral, into second, then third and so on, as you increase speed.


Turn the bike slightly by leaning to the left or right as needed. For sharper turns, lean in the proper direction and push forward on the handlebar that is on the opposite side of the direction you want to turn. Brake into turns and accelerate out of them. Use your right handbrake for braking on the move and only use your rear, foot pedal brake when moving slowly as it can make the bike swerve or get out of your control.


Take a motorcycle training course from a licensed instructor and obtain your motorcycle driver's license at your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Tips and Warnings

  • 70 cc motorcycles don't always have blinkers, so you'll have to add them on for the bike to be street legal.

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