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How to Drive a Sport Utility Vehicle in the Winter


Check your owner's manual carefully for recommendations about winter driving. SUVs call for different handling skills than other vehicles.


Slow down and increase the distance between other cars while driving on snow or ice-covered surfaces. Although your higher ground clearance helps you get going quicker in heavy snow, it won't help you stop quicker.


Apply firm and constant pressure on the brake pedal if you have antilock brakes. Pump the brakes to prevent wheel lock up if you don't have antilock brakes.

Tips and Warnings

  • Practice braking and steering in an open, snow-covered space before you try to operate your SUV on a slippery surface for the first time.
  • Although SUVs can safely go a lot of places other cars can't go, the higher ground clearance makes some of them more prone to rollover during sharp turns.

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