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How to Get a Hazmat Driver's License in Ohio


Fill out the TSA HAZPRINT application. Apply online or by calling 877-429-7746. An operator will walk you through the process over the phone. A $89.25 fee is included with the application.


Get fingerprinted at any fingerprinting location specified on the TSA HAZPRINT website or call 877-429-7746 for a location near you. You're required to show two forms of identification at the fingerprinting location. Identification can include a driver's license, passport and birth certificate.


Wait for the results. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) performs a threat assessment based on the information provided in the application. The assessment is processed in two weeks.


Receive endorsement if no threat detected. The results of the threat assessment will be sent to you and the Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles, at which point the driver will receive hazmat endorsement on his CDL if there were no problems with the application.

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