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How to Get a Personalized License Plate in Maryland


Visit Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) Web site listed below in the Who Can Help section.


Access an official application for a personalized license plate by downloading form VR-164.


Read the instructions on the second page of the form before proceeding to the application portion of the form. Keep all rules, regulations, policies and class designations in mind while filling out the application.


Return to the application portion of the form. Check the box next to "Personalized Registration."


Mark the class of your vehicle.


Proceed to Section A. Print your full legal name, address and your vehicle's information, including its year, make, VIN, Maryland title and tag numbers and sticker year and number. Include your daytime telephone number, the name of your insurance company, your insurance policy or binder number and your agent or broker.


Go on to Section B. Print four choices for your personalized license plates in order of preference using capital alphanumeric character combinations. You may not exceed seven characters, including spaces. You may not include symbols, diagrams, slashes or other disallowable characters in your plate choices.


Locate Section C. Signify the truthfulness of your application by signing and dating it.


Determine the total of your fees. Make a check payable to the MVA.


Mail your completed application to Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, 6601 Ritchie Highway, ATTN: Vehicle Registration, Glen Burnie, MD 21062. Include your check and a copy of your vehicle's registration.


Receive your personalized license plates within 8 weeks.


Affix month and year tabs on your permanent personalized plates.

Tips and Warnings

  • Be advised that if your plate is approved, it may undergo some changes during manufacturing. Certain characters' widths may cause the spacing specified to be reduced, eliminated or altered.
  • You may keep your personalized license plates for as long as you wish, as long as you renew the special registration of your personalized license plates within 30 days of their expiration date and pay all associated fees.
  • The MVA will not honor requests for personalized license plates that contain prohibited characters, offensive or misleading messages or alphanumeric combinations that are already in use. Keep this in mind while choosing your plate message.
  • Personalized license plates cost more than a standard license plate. Be aware that fees will likely compound on top of the standard license plate fees that you are accustomed to paying.
  • Blank or incomplete areas on your application will cause the application process for your personalized license plate to be delayed. Be sure to fill in all requested information completely and truthfully.
  • If your vehicle is sold, traded or its ownership transferred after the issuance of the personalized license plates, you must contact MVA to report the transaction. You must also follow the appropriate guidelines to release the plate to the new owner, transfer the plate to your new vehicle or return the plate to the Administration. Be advised that additional paperwork may be required.

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