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How to Get a Restricted Driver's License in Illinois


Take account of all of your driving necessities. Write down your monthly doctor's appointments, school schedule, work schedule, and anything else of importance that you feel may be hindered by the current suspension.


Download the Formal Hearing Request form from the link in the references section of this article. Use this form to request a Restricted Driving Permit.


Visit your local secretary of state office to consult with one of the informal hearing officers. Multiple locations are listed on the Formal Hearing Request form. They'll access your need and eligibility to be included in the RDP program. A significant part of the approval has to do with your previous driving record. You should be given an answer before you leave the consultation.

Tips and Warnings

  • Depending on the reason that you had your license suspended or taken, you may want to consult with an attorney before visiting the secretary of state office for evaluation.
  • There also are different types of restricted license permits that can be assigned to fit your specific driving needs.

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