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How to Get an Illinois I-Pass


Pick up an I-PASS transponder at a Tollway Customer Care Center or participating retail outlets. It can also be ordered by mail, phone or online. Remember: A small deposit fee is required for the transponder.


Add money to the account. Set up automatic replenishment to have funds charged on a credit card whenever your account reaches a preset minimum amount. Alternatively, you may opt to maintain a balance by making payments with a credit card by phone or by mailing a check.


Install the I-PASS transponder on the inside of the front windshield behind the rearview mirror. It mounts on dual lock fastening strips and can be easily removed and used in another vehicle.


Drive in the I-PASS dedicated lanes when approaching a toll plaza. These lanes only accept I-PASS and move quickly.


Maintain highway speeds and drive through the toll plaza without stopping. A blue light will come on indicating that your I-PASS transaction was successful and the required toll was deducted from your prepaid account. A yellow light alerts you that your account balance is low.


Access your account information online and receive e-mail reminders when your credit card expires or your account balance is low.

Tips and Warnings

  • I-PASS can be used on all tollways that accept E-ZPass, a multi-state toll collection system.
  • Notify the Tollway Customer Care Center at (800) 824-7277 immediately if your vehicle is sold or stolen so they can deactivate the account.
  • Contact the Tollway Customer Care Center to find out how I-PASS works with motorcycles.
  • You may want to remove the transponder from your unattended car to prevent it from being stolen.
  • Remember to update your I-PASS account information when you get a credit card with a new expiration date.
  • Make sure you always have sufficient funds in your I-PASS account to cover tolls. You may be charged an administrative fee if your balance falls below zero.

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