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How to Improve Gas Mileage on a Truck


Remove excess weight from your truck. Excess weight has significantly more impact the on the gas mileage of smaller vehicles. However, excessive weight can still have a negative effect on a truck's ability to conserve gas.


Turn the engine off when idling for more than a minute. When your truck is in place with the engine on, the number of miles that your truck can get out of every gallon of gas drops to zero, effectively reducing your gas mileage completely.


Check your truck's tires to make sure that they are inflated to the correct pressure specifications as recommended by your vehicle's user manual. Under-inflated tires could have a detrimental effect on your truck's gas mileage and can be dangerous when driving on the road.


Close your truck's windows when driving at highway speeds. At high speeds, drag significantly increases which also increases the amount of gas the truck needs in order to maintain consistent speeds.


Drive sensibly and responsibly. Aggressive acceleration and unnecessary speeding have a significant negative effect on the gas mileage of any vehicle. Furthermore, both can contribute to the creation of dangerous situations and can compromise both your safety, and the safety of other drivers driving on the road.


Avoid accelerating when going uphill. This puts added stress on the engine that is already working against the forces of gravity. Instead, accelerate to a reasonable speed before going uphill.


Tune up your truck's engine. Any damaged or malfunctioning component within the truck's engine can have a largely negative effect on your truck's gas mileage.


Use the motor oil recommended by your truck's manufacturer. Using the incorrect motor oil could cause unwanted friction, cause component wear, and could negatively affect the truck's gas mileage.

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