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How to Install a Radar Detector in Your Car


Decide where you want to mount your radar detector. Most people stick it to the windshield using the suction cup mounts that usually come with the device.


Attach the radar detector to the mounting bracket if it is not already attached. Follow the instructions that came with your unit to do this.


Attach the radar detector to the car's windshield using the suction cups. Press it on firmly.


If your radar detector has a cord, plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet on your car. If you bought a cordless unit, make sure it has batteries.


Turn on the radar detector. If it's installed properly, the lights will come on and you will hear a test beep.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some radar detectors can be hardwired. If you have this type, you'll have to route the positive and negative wires and splice them to other power wires.
  • Replace the batteries in cordless radar detectors regularly. Check the instructions to see how to test the batteries.
  • Radar detectors are illegal in some U.S. states and some countries. Check your local laws before installing one.

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