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How to Obtain a Handicap Placard in Chicago


Qualify for a handicapped placard in Chicago. You may qualify by not being able to walk more than 200 feet without stopping to rest, or by having certain lung diseases, requiring oxygen, having a class III or class IV cardiac condition, severe arthritis, or several other conditions which make movement difficult.


Talk to your doctor about obtaining a handicapped placard. All Chicago doctors have the Persons With Disabilities Certification form. Your doctor must fill out the form and request that you receive a placard (as opposed to a license plate). Placards are free. Your doctor will send in the form directly.


Hang your disability placard from your rear view mirror any time that you park in a parking place designated for handicapped parking.


Renew your placard as required. In Chicago there are three different kinds of disability placards. Blue placards are for permanent handicaps and must be renewed every four years. Red placards are for temporary handicaps and must be renewed every 6 months. Green placards are for organizations that transport handicapped individuals and must be renewed every four years.

Tips and Warnings

  • Disabled parking placards issued by other states are valid for Chicago visitors.

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