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How to Polish Using a Foam Pad


Apply rubbing compound onto the foam pad on your buffer. Bring the buffer to the surface of your car without turning it on. Rub the foam pad across the car to work in some of the rubbing compound, then turn the buffer on low speed.


Work the rubbing compound into your car using a foam pad and your orbital buffer. Use as much rubbing compound as you need to cover the surface and work it in in small circles. Press the buffer into the car lightly; excess pressure can damage a car's surface.


Wipe the rubbing compound off with a clean cotton cloth once you are finished. Leaving the rubbing compound on can strip paint from your car.


Remove the foam pad from the buffer and place it in a bucket of soapy water to soak. Put a clean foam pad on the buffer for the wax job.


Wash the car with warm, soapy water, then dry it with clean cotton cloths. A final buff with automotive wax will restore the polish to your car.


Apply a polishing compound to the foam pad of your orbital buffer. Work the polishing compound into your car in the same manner that you applied the rubbing compound. When you have finished applying polishing compound, turn off the buffer and inspect your car's finish. If you see dull spots, apply more polish. When you car has an even, shiny finish with no scratch marks, you are finished.


Wash foam pads in soapy water using a degreasing product. Allow foam pads to dry thoroughly before re-using.

Tips and Warnings

  • As your foam pad becomes caked with polishing compound or rubbing compound, wipe excess product on a clean cotton towel, then continue working.
  • Air dry the foam pads after cleaning to prolong their lifespan.