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How to Protect a Motorcycle From Theft


When at home, park your motorcycle in an inconspicuous or otherwise concealed location. Keeping it out of view makes it less of a temptation for potential thieves. When away from home, park your motorcycle in a well-populated, well-lit, secure area. Try to find a parking lot with a security-camera system and/or a security guard.


Install a hidden kill switch that must be held down when starting your bike. These switches are inexpensive, but an even cheaper, home-style remedy is to simply remove the main plug each time you leave your bike.


Use your bike's built-in lock. Thieves can often bypass these systems, but there's no reason to make it easy for them.


Use a second locking system, such as a disc lock or chain system that is attached to your bike's frame.


Never leave your bike unguarded or with the motor running.

Tips and Warnings

  • Put your second locking mechanism high above the ground so that thieves cannot get leverage off the ground to remove it.
  • If you cannot hide your bike in your garage, invest in a cover to keep it out of view.
  • When you lock your bike to something, make sure you choose something solid, like the foundation of your house or a lamp post. Things like a wooden fence can be broken or dismantled to get around the lock.

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