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How to Put an Alternator Together


Diagram where every wire, nut, bolt and screw go while you're disassembling the alternator. This serves as a map for putting it back together.


Install your new rectifier by screwing it into place using the 3 screws you removed when taking out the old one. Solder the 3 heavy leads into place and reattach the screw holding the yellow lead from the brush.


Replace old brushes by cleaning the contact area on the armature shaft. Make sure the spring for each brush is on the backs of the brushes, and push them into place in the brush slot.


Replace the old voltage regulator by screwing the new one into the bottom brush and reattaching the screw that holds the lead to its grounding screw in place.


Sand your alternator's collector plate with sand paper, and clean it before replacing the alternator's bearings.


Replace the bearings by pushing the new or cleaned bearings into place, or you can gently tap them using a block of wood. Don't chip or pit the bearings or the collector when replacing them.


Replace the plastic cover and two resistors after inspecting the alternator to make sure everything is installed correctly.