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How to Reduce Your Dependence on a Car


Take stock of the places you regularly drive to. Destinations within 5 miles of your home are good candidates for walking or cycling. Why drive to a neighbor's house for dinner when you and the family can enjoy a nice walk or bike ride?


Drive the route you normally take to your destination. Look for safe ways for pedestrians and cyclists to travel and cross intersections. Walking across a six-lane highway may be not only dangerous but also illegal.


Take a practice walk or bike ride when traffic is light. Be sure drainage culverts, trees, fences, steep hills or other hindrances do not block your route. You and the kids want to be able to get to the library without navigating an obstacle course.


Outfit yourself with a lightweight cart or saddlebags for your bicycle. You will use these to transport packages home from your walking or cycling trip. Even a child's wagon is useful on short trips.


Find out whether your local grocer and pharmacy deliver. Many merchants accept orders for delivery by phone, email or fax.


Get into the habit of walking or cycling to destinations close to your home. You will enjoy the benefits of the exercise and time spent with your family.

Tips and Warnings

  • Most residential areas are well suited for walking and cycling.
  • Many urban areas are creating trails for cyclists and walkers.
  • A bicycle costs less than a new set of car tires.
  • When cycling, be sure you and your family take safety precautions such as wearing helmets and reflective clothing.
  • Visit your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough to start walking or biking a mile or more.
  • Be aware of the weather when walking or cycling. You don't want to get caught in a hailstorm a mile and a half from the nearest shelter.

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