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How to Remove Points From Your California DMV Driving Record


Complete a traffic school class. If you've been found guilty of a one-point driving infraction, you may be eligible to complete traffic school to erase the point from your driving record. In California, you're allowed to attend traffic school once every 18 months. To remove the point from your record, sign up for and complete a state-approved traffic school course. The DMV does not recommend specific traffic schools, but a list of certified schools is available on its website.


Submit proof that you have completed traffic school to the DMV. After you pass the class, you'll be given paperwork that serves as proof. Some traffic schools can send the proof directly to the DMV, specifically if you participated in the course to fulfill a court requirement.


Once the point comes off your record, don't commit any more violations. In California, most one-point violations stay on your record for three years. However, major offenses, like hit and run, reckless driving and driving under the influence, are two-point offenses, and they stay on your record for 10 years.

Any violation that's not removed via traffic school attendance will stay on your record for the full three or 10 years.

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