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How to Share the Road With Bicycles


Watch for bicycle riders turning in front of you without looking or signaling, especially if the rider is a child.


Allow plenty of room when passing a bicycle rider.


Avoid passing between a bicyclist and oncoming vehicles on a two-lane road. Slow down and allow vehicles to pass. Then move to the left to allow plenty of room to pass the rider safely.


Watch out for bikes coming out from driveways or from behind parked cars or other obstructions.


Honk your horn briefly as a signal that you're going to pass if you are about to pass a bicycle on a narrow roadway and you think the rider does not know you're coming. Do not blast your horn; it may startle or intimidate the rider.


Watch the side of the road for bicyclists at night. They are required to have a front light and rear reflector, but lights from approaching traffic may make them hard to see.


Merge with bicycle traffic when preparing for a right turn. Do not turn directly across the path of a bicyclist.

Tips and Warnings

  • Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities on the streets that you do, and in most cases, they must share the lane.
  • Don't pass a bicycle if the street is too narrow. Wait until there is enough room to let you pass safely.
  • Residential areas are danger zones. Bicyclists have all the rights and responsibilities of a person driving a car and are subject to all vehicle laws.
  • Trash, minor oil slicks, a pothole or crack in the concrete, a barking dog, a parked car or a car door opening and other surprises can force a bicycle rider to swerve suddenly in front of you.

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